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Monday, September 26, 2005

The Story Thus Far

I'm now 21, with 10,000 readers on this blog everyday.

I'm a full-time blogger, and I earn my income solely from this blog. Which is why, if you are an advertiser you should look for me. If you are just a reader, just continue reading. :)

I claim to be single (if you see me with unidentified males, it is not me).

What else is there? Oh, and perhaps I should inform you guys that the FAQs are highly outdated, so don't bother to read them.

Wendy's FAQs

Due to the immense popularity my website is having, I shall do up a FAQ page like the rest of the famous webmasters. It is not as if alot of people are interested in my statistics, but heck, I shall just do this cos I feel like it, and you know you want to read on, don't you?!

Xiaxue.blogspot.com is your website? What the hell is a blog anyway?

Yes. A blog is a cross between a ball and a log. That makes it a B-log u see. On the B-log, people write about their lives. Well, nobody is interested in anyone else's life. So why is my site popular? Well, people tell me I am funny. If u don't agree with that, then screw you.

Yeah ok so who the hell are u?

My name is Wendy, or Yan yan if u prefer. My irc nick was Xia`xue since I was 14, thus the name of the webbie. I am 20 currently, a Singaporean Chinese. Well, yes, thats it. A very normal girl.

Why Xia`xue?

I admit that I was trying to act chio and mysterious in mIRC 5 years ago. And the nick got stuck.

Oh, so why did u do up this blog?

Many years ago, I had a diary. And I was with this guy for a year, so my diary consisted mainly of him, him, him and him. When we broke up, I gave the diary to him. When I decided I wanted it back as it recorded my life for a year, I realised his angry current girlfriend threw the precious thing away during a Chinese New Year Spring-cleaning. How atrocious! So I decided to get something which can record my thoughts again, perferably has no limits to word space, and wouldn't get thrown away by angry girlfriends.

And then I saw Blogger. *snaps fingers*

Do u really have the free time to blog every single day? Goodness, don't u have a life?

Well, I actively blog because, as I said, I want to record my thoughts. And if I do not have time to write when I reached home, I blog on my Palmtop first. Nothing to do on the MRT anyway. And since I blog ABOUT my life, I do have a life, cos if my life is boring none of you will read this blog, right?!

Is that picture you?

Ah huh.

Well, that's pretty!

Oh really? Well, thank you. But do not give the credit of those looks to me! Give it to Adobe Photoshop. My pictures are all enhanced (and trust me, I am good at it), so minus 40% and you get the real thing. =D

Why are you such a fucking BITCH? You whore/slut!

I dunno I dunno I dunno. Born like that. Click here anyways.

That only proves you ARE an uncivilised bitch! And you are not even funny!

If you never for a moment thought I was funny, why did you say that I am not funny? Anyway, who cares?

Hmmm... Why do u keep talking about sex in ur blog? Are u a very horny person?

If talking about sex openly means being horny, then continue to dwell in ur stupid thoughts and yes, I am a very horny person then. But no. Actually I dun see the need to hide anything that is my head. Females do think of sex too u know. Some claim they don't, but they are liars. An orgasm is the most beautiful thing on earth, and EVERYBODY thinks about it.

I wank to your pictures Xiaxue!

I hope you get cancer.

I wanna link your site to mine, can I do it?

Sure! The image link is http://xiaxue.chestertan.com/xiaxue/link.jpg

I heard that you are a totally ficticious person. Everything on this site is just a joke.

No, it isn't. It's real. Listen to my radio interviews to know. Sometimes I kid around with stories, but being a smart blogder I'm sure you know when that happens? Otherwise, everything here is 100% real.

Speaking of which, wtf is a blogder?

I call my blog readers blogders! Don't get it? Blog + reader = blogder! If you saw that term somewhere else, there: They copied me. =D I invented it.

Oh Wendy I am a normal desperate guy and I would like to know June/XF/Clara/Eileen/any of your friends with a vagina. Can u intro?

Fuck off. They are all my lesbian partners so u dun stand a chance. Speaking of which, any comments which suggests that u are worshipping any of my friends will get deleted. If you wanna get infatuated with someone, it shall be ME.

Oh Wendy I am a normal desperate guy and I am interested in you. Can I date you?

Seriously? Possibly not. UNLESS, you are cute, intellectual, and humourous. Then give it a shot! Email me with ur picture and some creative lines! xiaxue@gmail.com

My goodness you are single??!

Yeah, shut up already.

Are there any more immediate means of contacting you? Like ICQ or something?

Well I don't use ICQ cos I was frustrated with the horn sound and I never discovered how to turn it off. I use MSN, but it's only for friends. I use IRC though, u can find me at #xiaxue.

Exactly how short are u?

I will NEVER tell. You can read these two articles if you really wanna know more.

You are a fantastic writer!!!

Thanks! If you've got a writing job to offer me, i will be more than happy to take it. Email me: xiaxue@gmail.com

You insulted me, I will sue you!

Right. =)

How many people have seen that insult?

In one day? Around 3000 (May 29, 2004), as the two of my webcounters tell currently.

WTF That's a lot of hits! How did you do it?

Think a little about why you are bothering to read all these.

The End